Friday, September 13, 2013

1..2..3..4 Get on the Bollywood Floor!

It's that time of the year again when Ganeshotsav is being celebrated all over India, especially in the state of Maharashtra with Mumbai being one of the hotspots to witness Ganesha Pandals in every nook and corner. What surprised me was that there was hardly a two foot wide space and there sat two Ganesha idols, one in-front of the other - as majestically as it could! But then one would ask how can one come to know that there is an idol kept there. There you go! It was not the not-so-humble decoration that made me notice it but the speaker kept outside that was blaring out Bollywood music. The song? Lungi Dance (

For all those who would now ask-'Why Bollywood songs instead of devotional songs?'- there are no real answers, just more things to know!

Amused and then back to my own web of thoughts, I walked ahead further, only to witness many more such pandals with blaring music. The cherry on the cake was when I heard a devotional song set to the tunes of 'Aa ante'( No I am not kidding! 

That's when it actually struck me that Bollywood songs are indeed very popular. How and why else would it be blaring through loudspeakers outside Ganesha Pandals is beyond my cognizance.

It reminds me of a message that I received a few days back on my phone - 

" I met a Foreigner and he asked me the literal meaning of the song- 
Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadhi chori sharaabi ho gayi
Jeans pehen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi.
I sheepishly had to say the following-
Dear beloved person, when you assaulted me with a stream of water from a liquid projectile launcher, an ostensibly normal and balanced female became alcoholic.
When you wore denim and oscillated your pelvic girdle in one direction, the adjoining resident's sister-in-law began showing symptoms of an obsession-driven psychological disorder.
The foreigner fainted! "

If we get into the details of the lyrics of some latest Bollywood songs, the inferences can often leave us gasping for breath. My mother is the best example whose dialogue I would like to quote here- "Humare zamaane ke gaane suno, kya rangeen matlabe hua karte the, aur ab dekho- coconut mein lassi milate hai bas!" ( Listen to the songs of our olden times, they had colourful, beautiful meaning. Nowadays they are busy mixing Lassi in Coconut- again a part of the lyrics of one of the Bollywood songs!)

But then these very songs become a rage too. Can we disagree on this fact when we unknowingly start tapping our foot to songs like Munni Badnaam Hui, Lungi Dance, Fevicol Se, Badtameez Dil, Ghagra and so on? 

These songs have become the pulse of the times we belong to. Knowingly or unknowingly we start flowing with the tunes, the beats, the rhythm and tend to oversee the lyrics because WE LOVE THE SONG!

Another reason for this might be something like what my grandmother says- "Itna shor hai ki kya gaa rahe hai yahi nahi samaj aata" ( There is so much of noise that the lyrics just can't be understood)

I somehow belong simultaneously to two generations I guess, because just as much as I love listening to 'Badtameez Dil'(, I love listening to 'Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai, aaj phir marne ka iraada hai'( too.


  1. nice keep posting this kinda blogs.... :)

  2. thats a true analysis of songs from two generations. Songs of our olden times are golden, u have to agree that. As kunjamma says today's songs have so much of noise and its an instant fast food which may or may not digest after listening and is a short-living one. But the songs of our generation still makes a beautiful difference, its a fact...

  3. That is true but then what remains another fact is the vast number of people dancing to the tunes of songs which is considered 'noise' by some others.
    'To each his own!' Sounds apt here. Doesn't it ?

  4. yes,so true,the Ganesh Utsav fact is something that intrigued me,while in Mumbai..
    seriously..i would wonder how could people listen to "crazy kiya re and the like
    (over five years ago) in a Ganesh Pandal..??
    this blog added to my insight on why Bollywood influences us in every nook and corner of life!jus a mere effect ??i dont think so..its way bigger!
    thank you for bringing it out wel..:)

  5. Glad that you too noticed it. Thank you :)