Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poetic Expressions Vol. V ( Book Review )

Poetic Expressions Vol. VPoetic Expressions Vol. V by Carl McKever
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Poetic Expressions Vol. V
By: Carl McKever
It’s a new season, it’s a new day!

With the opening lines of the book (in the preface itself) you get a happy feeling. Sit with a cup of coffee, if not, you surely would desire one somewhere in-between the reading session that you would embark upon.

Fourteen short stories and three poems await the reader. But before that, it’s the hard-bound cover that attracts you towards it. The feel of holding an amazing book.. Not too heavy, nor too light… Just perfect to carry and even read it on your way to somewhere, it’s worth a read!

‘Vague’, ‘The Masses’, ‘Living in the Moment’, ‘Ambition’ remain my personal favourites.
I really feel that ‘Magnolias’ should have been stretched a little more. It felt a little bit incomplete- the beautiful city, a talented woman, an appreciating young teen, an irked mom of a teenager- a perfect combination for an interesting story with a memory left behind, ever so profound! I look forward to it dear Carl …

It’s really been an inspiration as well as encouragement. I feel lucky to have been amongst the lucky ones to lay my hands on this book.

Until we meet again, shake a hand and stay blessed. 

Thanks Carl. God bless you!

Divya Nambiar, India

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