Friday, September 20, 2013

The Business Parables ( Book Review )

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Business Parables by Venugopal Gupta

It is a perfect handbook for any individual or team venturing into the field of business of any kind.
It not just provides you with the 'Why' of something being better than the other but also the 'How' of it and that too with interesting stories which make the concepts more easier to grasp and makes it stay in the mind of the reader for a long time.
With five sections namely-
The Failed Class
A Dream Come True
The Third Capital
The Opportunity Lost
The Forgotten Crime

each section is a deep analysis of how certain things work in a business, certain things don't. Capitalism works, free markets are good for the growth of a country like India, creating value is sometimes more important than gaining profits and 'proper' ethics should become the backbone when one is venturing out there into the world of Business.

A very well explanatory book, it's like attending a beautiful, knowledgeable seminar. Well-written, thoroughly engaging and definitely worth a read!

-Divya Nambiar

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