Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trust: A New Beginning ( Book Review )

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trust: A New Beginning by Cristiane Serruya

'If' is a word that life doesn't consider.
And that's exactly why we should be asking 'why not' instead of 'what if'.

The first of the Trust Trilogy, this is more than just a story. It's a journey worth embarking upon with Sophia, the central character of the story. It's the story of a woman with an indomitable spirit, a woman of substance. What else can one call a lady who inspite of losing her husband at a young age, tends to her little daughter Gabriela ( the 'cuteness' element of the story)without breaking down to the pressures of the world.She is young, beautiful,intelligent and has the world at her feet. And yet there is a dark side. She is an awesome driver but she has taken lessons in driving away to safety incase of an emergency. The reasons are untold and makes the reader wonder what could possibly be wrong with a luxurious life like that.

Then there is Ethan Ashford, whose love is displayed in the form of wealth to his beloved.

Enter Alistair Connor- the reason why Sophia slept peacefully without that nightmare that shuddered her a tad too often. Ofcourse there is more to him than just that.( Grab the book!)

The descriptions of the characters are penned down so well by the author that the reader can experience the turmoils of their minds with almost the same intensity as that of the characters.

Here are people who are so sophisticated and rich and yet are busy fighting the demons of their mind. The intense and picturesque tale leaves the reader eagerly waiting for part2 which is what I exactly have in my lap at the moment!

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P.P.S : Trust#1 is free to borrow in Amazon Lending Library, including India. This is the link:

- Divya Nambiar

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