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Trust: Betrayed(Trust, #2) - Book Review

Trust: Betrayed (Trust, #2)Trust: Betrayed by Cristiane Serruya
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trust Betrayed (Part-2 of the Trust Series)

'Widowed were not those alive, but those who were dead.'- Cristiane Serruya

Some secrets are revealed, some hearts broken and many dreams will come true... or atleast they should!

This is a journey worth embarking upon by all adults atleast once, because it has so much more than what is considered to be the staple content in all romantic fictions. It is a tragedy yet a tale of hope, of happiness, regrets and a never-ending suspense and above all, a melancholy that stays with the reader long after the story is over.

Guess it's the author's stint with law as a lawyer who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women has brought immense depth and has provided a strong foundation to this story. It brings to light many of the silent tortures that women often have to deal with and sometimes do get used to it to such an extent that they become addicted to it and it ultimately destroys their lives.

Some might ask- What can possibly be achieved by reading an erotic fiction except for some noxious pleasure to the reader? And to them I say – for once, try not to read the book in a shallow manner and instead venture just a bit deeper. Surely the incidents revealed to the world might not have been conjured up from thin air.

For a 20 year old Indian reader, it did prove to be an eyeball rolling experience once in a while but then on the whole, I was mesmerized by the characters. Sophia, a widow with Gabriela, her daughter, Alistair and Ethan, both fighting their inner devils and changed by the circumstances that life sometimes offers (mind you, it can be so much worse than we think it is possible!) Delve a little deeper and the personality of Tavish can leave you spell-bound. Lachlanne, Alice, Leonard- I could go on and on about all of them. I would gladly give 6-stars for the characterization part alone.

For a so-called philosophical being like me, I did get more and more pulled into the way the world functions, one’s destiny and inner-turmoil, the desperate attempts to flee from one’s own past only to be caught red-handed by some memories thrown onto your face when you least expect them to.

As a reader, one gets the exclusive opportunity to relish picturesque places (only a well-travelled author can present something like this) and regale one’s senses in the exquisite emotions that are Godsend in all human beings which is packed in this book. Don’t forget to read the Part-1 of the book before turning pages of this one (‘Trust’ me- it would be more beautiful that way).

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-Divya Nambiar
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