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The Crossover Year : Book Review

The Crossover YearThe Crossover Year by Bhargavi Balachandran
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Aren't we all nothing but a bunch of memories and attitudes born out of our life experiences?
- Bhargavi Balachandran, The Crossover Year

Confusion and uncertainty can sometimes lead us onto our true, so-called 'destined' path.How exactly can one know where he/she is headed to? No matter how many coconuts one plans to break in temples(Oh yes, that's a common practice in India) or how much one wishes to just change the monotonous schedule and the emptiness in life that does tend to creep up at some or the other juncture in one's life; every problem has a solution. Every step we take becomes a cut above the rest of the ones that we took until then.

Anu Prabha is a woman of substance who initially seemed like a confused, messed up lady with a crazy and bizarre streak to her personality. It is a humorous as well as thought-provoking journey with her. The characters resemble the ones we have in our lives,in the form of friends or colleagues.

I would recommend it to all lovers of Chick-Lit. It isn't very often that we get to know in detail about Chennai( the backdrop here). The author has wonderfully woven the nuances of the old-world charm as well as the modern glint with apt deftness.

It does seem like a matured venture for a comparatively new writer on the block. Honest, funny and with copious amounts of drama thrown in (no it doesn't get too over-the-top!), it remains a good light-read which surely would rustle up the souls of women who seem to have let dust gather on their minds knowingly or unknowingly, thanks to a hectic lifestyle and an indescribable dullness that raises its head at a point in time.

It isn't just for women. Even men can catch up with the hum-drums of a woman's mind. Also, Mukund would be good company ( an inspiration too!).

Turning 30 is a milestone and if at all you feel that things aren't too good at your end then worry not! How about a 101 coconuts? ;)

Author: Bhargavi Balachandran Other book from the author : Seven Across

- Divya Nambiar

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