Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Kite Flyers- Book Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'People in the village used to say that life is like the Kaveri River, with ever-changing rhythms and relentless passage until it reaches the sea.'

This is a tale of that very village, so beautifully described by the author who has got an amazing flair of designing a 'maanjha' with politics, education, passion, love, life of eunuchs, the strength of friendship and respect that helps him win many kite-fights.(Kite here refers to the many books flooding the market today)

A journey of three friends, Raman, Lakshmi and Kumar, through circumstances in life with kites forming an essential and truly important part in the progression of the story,it is a well planned book that is unpredictable and awe-inspiring.

The intensity of the words are far reaching even though it is not a very heavy read. The tale would last for a long time in the hearts of the readers.

'She thinks eunuchs are like weeds- catching debris from the river of life; a combination of stagnation and decay. The river of life will flow through the weeds, until life is renewed again in the sea.’
The above lines are only few of the thought-provoking lines in the book. The crude details of the life led by eunuchs induces pity yet love for them and through the tale, they become more humane.

Being the ‘love-the-detailing’ kind of person that I am, I would like to appreciate the styling of the cover page as well as the paper quality and print. It conveys so much with so little!

P.S. I am already in the process of trying to make Lakshmi's Burfi!

-Divya Nambiar

Author- Sharad P. Paul
Other books by the author : To Kill A Snow Dragonfly Cool Cut Skin


  1. Dear Divya

    As a writer, I try when possible to connect with my readers.

    Saw your review; glad you 'got' the story. Every writer has a few favourite lines in each book – one he or she is proud to have created. Mine (in the ‘Kite Flyers’) are:

    “… dreams belong amongst clouds; otherwise people will not have to move mountains to reach them”

    “Old friendships are a tunnel into our past. No one should ask questions in
    a tunnel. Tunnels echo too much.”

    All the best,

    Sharad Paul

    PS: You may also like my Tibetan novel, ‘To Kill a Snow Dragonfly’ – also a 4th Estate hardback and should be available via Harper Collins India or bookstores can order it in. And, the microwave burfi is good …

  2. Hello Sharad,
    Good to hear from you. And those are lines that I loved. It made me take a moment off reading and ponder over it.
    Looking forward to read your other book too. Will surely review it once I do.


    P.S. Microwave burfi- too good!