Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My school from my balcony

It's a narrow road that separates myself from the school where I spent a major part of my life for eight years. 8 years? Four years ago, I had said my goodbyes to the very trees, the building, the teachers, the laboratories (that was more of a phew-I-don't-have-to-see-you-again' goodbye when it came to the labs).
We shifted our house about two weeks ago. I had texted one of my school friends to tell that now I wake up to the view of our dear school. Pat came her message- 'Hey Girl! This is destiny. When you were in school, you came by school bus. You landed up infront of school during your Masters.Woah!'

It felt alright. My grandma nudged me when I stood at the balcony this evening asking me, "When did you join this school?"
"When I passed to standard fourth."
"8 years? That's a pretty long time!"
"Whatever!" (That's not an arrogant, ugly dialogue but a result of it being repeated in loop by my present classmates and friends. Guess, I am the only one who has taken it so strongly though! *Wink wink*)
She smiled at me. I am sure that in her mind she would have muttered- Silly girl! She went down for her usual evening walk. I continued to stand there and look at the school like a camera trying to capture a panoramic view of the school promenade. Wow!
I saw my friends playing on the ground while we girls sat on the steps, talking about anything and everything under the sun. The Sports teacher's whistles to send the lazy girls to the ground had little effect. (I was always the one who sat with a book and pen looking and smiling, never really writing).
I saw my fourth grade's class-teacher sitting on the steps with two other teachers, asking me to read few lines from a newspaper. Oh! How proud was I after knowing that I had won the 1st prize in the newspaper reading competition. Yes, we had such competitions as well !
I saw the lonesome tree, still standing in that very garden from where my friends waved at me and made me laugh when I was on the other side of the school's gate, preparing for a supplementary exam to sail through standard eleven when my friends had somehow managed to sail through Physics.
I also saw the classroom windows where I used to stand when I was a new student in that school. I used to look outside at the very building which houses me today, wishing it were my home! (Ahh...Wishes do come true). Then I gently smile thinking about the fact that if this was my home back then, I would probably have run back home because that was how much I loathed the new school back then.
I dialed a friend's number right then just to share the trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, it kept ringing, unanswered until the rings died down.
The breeze blew gently calming the warmed up heart... reminding me yet again that some things never change, they remain just the way they are, untouched by times, unforgotten through ages.

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