Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let ME be

He did engineering but is working in an MNC doing Management.
She studied Physics and now she is earning through her artworks.
He was supposed to be this generation's Einstein, wonder what he is doing there drawing graffiti!

Sounds too familiar, isn't it? 
Switching careers seem to be on the rise now. Or was it like that always? I think about it and I realize that maybe I was too young to understand why an uncle who had specialized in dissecting cadavers had started a Motor Driving School ( is dissecting cadavers and the machine equivalent? ) - question from a long while ago that stayed with me. The reasons unfurled bit by bit for me. An experience it was- for sure! 

All I wish for is freedom for every individual to choose what he/she wants to do in life and what to make of it. To make or break it should entirely be the individual's choice. Trust me, it isn't so easy, especially in a country like India, where the sons and daughters never really grow up to take decisions independently. Family... the big F, is always a factor to be kept in mind. Call it my lack of research or plain craziness to vent out about one's career choice, all I have to say is this- I have seen too many people who are in the wrong places at the right time. No, neither their horoscope nor their time is to be blamed. 

This is for all those parents who often end up thinking more about what 'others' would say rather than what their kids want to say. This is also for those of you who think you are living somebody's life and not your own- it's time to take that much awaited and much needed step. It's only the first step that seems tough. Once that is done the road ahead wouldn't be that scary. Of-course, nothing is a cakewalk but then imagine the happiness it would give you to make a career out of what you like to do best, to breathe in an atmosphere where you would love to be, no matter what the weather is! Adrenaline rush already, eh?

Just the other day, I read a confession by an engineer by profession but a social enthusiast by heart. We have been friends from the longest time. I had also read his blog. I had instantly asked him whether he ever wanted to pursue engineering. Pat came the reply- No. Then what led you to this, I had asked. There was never really an answer for that. This was a year ago. Today he has left the job that gave him fat paychecks and the perks of working in those sophisticated looking offices, often with polished glass doors.Is he crazy, one would ask. But honestly, I had seen it coming long back. In-fact, I would probably have been the happiest to hear it. No, I wasn't happy that he had jeopardized his career at a point when he should be competing with his batch-mates neither was I worried because of his decision. 

Why? Because I knew that now is the time when he would make one real decision- his heart's decision. I am not the one to abhor decisions made with the help of the brain but then I believe in the principle of going with my heart when life-changing decisions are to be made. I am sure that there would always be people to criticize this but this has helped me to live the life of my dreams till now. 

Often, in a constant tug of war between one's heart and brain, many a lives are threatened by the shadow of what is for what could have been. Agreed that your neighbours would call your son or daughter a black sheep for not following the society's norms of living or rather existing but then isn't it a thing to be proud of, that your kid is ready to step out and make some norms of his own? To follow them or to scrape them to make new ones is entirely a decision to be made by the one who makes those norms or maybe it's just that your kid wants to walk a path that doesn't give directions, just to see where it leads. If it leads somewhere then it's awesome, if not then it isn't the end! It is just the beginning of a new road. 

Some may say that it is easier said than done. Well, dear reader, the author of this piece you are reading right now is a live example of what is and what could have been! As a science student, with red lines under my marks, it has taught me that marks are just statistics and nothing more. If I would have been sitting in one of those classes where the formation of chemical bonds would try and hit the last threads of my active brain, then probably I would have had to compromise the life I truly love now! 

Progress Cards are apparently made to track 'Progress'

It isn't easy to step ahead when you think there is a steep pit waiting but then it takes a few steps to see the beauty of the valley and to enjoy the feeling of a free-fall (of-course I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for Physics! Ah wait.. Was it Physics? Well, let's move ahead for now).

It's good to dream but not at the cost of another's.Give wings to your dreams but make sure that they are not blinding anybody else's view of life. 

Fly, because that's the only way to reach the stars. :)

- Divya Nambiar


  1. Woah!..this is like very well written!!..nice work!!
    But one thing that constantly goes on in my mind is what about the people who dont know what their heart wants? Who dont know what exactly to do?..should they just keep waiting to get an answer, if so for how long should they wait?..or should they just blindly follow what the parents and society expects them to do for the rest of their lives?
    I am just generally asking your opinion.

  2. Samir,

    I have met people like the ones you mentioned here. The thing is 'listening to one's heart' sounds clich├ęd at times. The people who don't know what their heart wants are also at the advantage of keeping many options open for themselves. Instead of waiting for an answer, wouldn't it be great if they could dabble in different fields. Maybe the answer to their question awaits them in one of those fields. Even if not, how about multitasking? ;)
    There's no harm in following what the society and our parents say but then it shouldn't be at the cost of our trampled interests. :)