Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trust: Pandora's Box (Trust Trilogy, #3) (Book Review)

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'The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.'

This line refuses to leave my mind. the last page has been turned and the tear drops have been shed. I sit thinking about the joy and sorrow of the very lives led by the characters of the book. Suddenly there was a void. Sophia, Alistair, Gabriela, Nathalie, Ethan... it felt as if I was going to leave them all in the confines of the book. That's when I remembered Cristiane Serruya's words-"It was as if when I finished their stories I had set them free. They are not mine anymore, they belong to the world and I can still be with them whenever I want." Read more about the interview here

The demons from within each one of them were finally released, but at what cost? Love, as they say it, is all-sacrificing and all-consuming. Or is it? Love can be an obsession that can endanger one's life.

Heat, passion and a million other expressions and feelings are no doubt described to the finest detail in this final installation of the Trust Trilogy but what I urge you reader, is to reach to the deeper layer of it. The best part about this series is the in-depth exploration of the human psyche by the author. She has played with the thought processes of the characters very intelligently and each character is a winner here- in one or the other way.

I would always remain indebted to this author for bringing to the notice of the reader, the widely debated but little answered problem of women empowerment - be it at home or at the workplace.

What I found amazing is the fact that she gives startling details and shocks the reader by pinpointing issues that grapple to be heard all across the world but are silently throttled in ways we might never even notice.

This is more than a tale of love, sacrifices and devils of the mind. It's a rediscovery of one's own self in ways we would never know that our minds functioned in!

P.S. For a new reader of Erotica, this would be a high dose. But be bold enough to venture deeper rather than passing scornful and shocked expressions. Few descriptions make one think about the ultimate and 'does-it-really-happen-?' craziness of the human species!

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  1. Divya dear,
    I'm humbled by your words.
    Thank you a lot for having delved so deep in the TRUST TRILOGY. You did understand what I wanted to pass. A last confession: Machiavellian, the erotica parts of the books were, in the end, "a means to the end".
    I just hope people be attracted by the "erotic" to read about the more important issues. :)
    Again, thanks for your beautiful review.
    Cris xx

  2. Cris,
    Machiavellian indeed!

    Love and regards