Thursday, March 26, 2015

Virat's bad day, Anushka's fault NOT!

So Virat got out of the semi-finals with just '1' run to his credit. The entire social media has gone berserk with angry tweets, jokes and what not. Wait a minute. Did we hear Anushka here? Highly possible!

Why her? She is in a relationship with him. Okay. She went all the way to Sydney to be with him and if nothing else, then atleast motivate him with a few kind words, and lower the disastrous pressure that the Men in Blue are bound to be facing at such a crucial juncture of the ICC World Cup Championship.

It's amusing how we proudly post pictures of our college, office and other little joints where we gather together in Blue T-Shirts and all those paraphernalia that evokes the sportsman spirit in us, whatever that may be and then the moment Virat gets out with a 1, we end up posting hate messages and derogatory statements about those very people whom we idolized till a moment back!

It wouldn't be surprising if the very same people who posted "Anushka...WHAT AN  AWESSOOMMEE PERFORMANCE #NH10" would post "Anushka, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO TO SYDNEY?" Yes, that's the sad part. 

Agreed that at a time when so-called jokes and catchy lines are faster than forest fires to spread and destroy mankind's life ( here, Facebook walls and Twitter handles), we need to take extra care while posting something that is a potential dynamite. Keep aside the fact that they both are celebrities. Think of them as our next-door neighbours, wait a minute, that would be too much right? Think of them as two individuals unknown to the film or cricket fraternity or for that matter to any field that could make them famous( it's another story that no matter where lies the diamond, it shines!)

Now, the man has an important meeting at work. The lady visits him at the office with some home-cooked food and some kind words and a smile that lit up his world. (Just as cliched as it sounds, please bear with me and imagine).

The man, popular at his work place for being great at presentations and being the 'only-saviour-at-the-most-boring-meetings', went ahead for the meeting. 

He came out after a while. The lady was standing outside for him. The look on his face told her that her worst fears had come true. He had lost the deal. How she wanted him to not think about that sad moment that had brought a shadow over their lives. But the inevitable had happened. 

For he was a human and his work was a part of his life, his life. But his work alone wasn't his entire life. He was fighting his own demons, if not, he just had a bad day. Don't we all have one? 

How would we feel if someone told us that we were a 'beauty disaster' (on one of our bad hair days) when we were otherwise always considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in the entire room? 

How would we feel if our families that praise, love and care for us suddenly disowned us this very moment and that too because we ate our food holding the spoon in a wrong way, probably because we were lost elsewhere, unintentionally?

Worst of all, how would we feel if our better halves were blamed by the world for a mistake that was well, a MISTAKE?

Sad that at a time when Indians are raising their voice against domestic violence, rape and a hundred other issues affecting women and men equally, we fail to leave our superstitions behind. Instead of cheering for a lady who flies to be with her man at a moment when he needs her most,inspite of a thousand other things she would rather do, we end up blaming her because WE THINK she is 'inauspicious' and an unlucky charm for the man who chose to be with her!

This time the ball was in our court and shamefully we lost. 

Irrespective of India winning or losing the World Cup, we have failed ourselves today. 

#BleedBlue? Hell, no! First learn to bleed your heart when it hears nonsensical, baseless talks!

- Divya Nambiar
(As auspicious or inauspicious I or my post seems  to you, for the World Cup 2015, this is who I am )

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