Friday, April 3, 2015

Aspire '15 : Reason for Cheer in the Sweltering Summer

Hello folks, 

The summer has started raising its head but the very next moment I am getting to hear about rains in Jammu and Kashmir and Ernakulam, Kerala. While some are happy that their exams have been postponed and so are their daily PET sessions ( thanks to some interactions with cousins), others are struggling with crop failures, deluged plans and the dismal feeling one has when prayers go unheard or rather, are washed away by unpredictable rains.

Keeping the global patterns that have been going for a toss aside, I am here with some cheer for Architects and students of Architecture ( and ofcourse to anyone who loves to gain 'gyaan' from wherever possible! Trust me, it's a lot of fun at times). Yes, to those very people who construct realities for people who can only visualize their dream homes and other structures! At a time when many dreams are being shattered and many more are under process (in the warmth of the home- yes the very home that was once a 'house' planned by an architect somewhere!), Dayananda Sagar School of Architecture, Bengaluru has come up with Aspire '15. A multi-disciplinary event organized by the students wherein they are striving to create an informal interactive platform between aspiring architects and those who are already THERE, on the field, toiling and turning more dreams into reality! 

They have quite a few workshops lined up for the two days that they plan to aspire the attendees, i.e. on April 10- 12, 2015, respectively. 

What caught my attention was this particular Sky Lantern Design Workshop, which has been happening there. Apparently, 25 students along with 2 practicing architects got together to discuss the construction and dynamics involved in launching a sky lantern. They have produced lanterns with different designs which will be released during the grand finale of Aspire '15. What a sight it would be!

Picture Courtesy: Facebook page of Aspire'15 

Here's the link to their blog where they have more details about the fest. Do spread the word. Let's bring some cheer for all those who are sweating it out under the sun.

Picture Courtesy: Facebook page of Aspire'15 

Pack your bags and get going. Before that, intimate them and let them prepare for a huge success party, in advance! ;)

So until we meet again, regards and happy summer!

- Divya Nambiar

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