Friday, April 3, 2015

Coming Soon : Interview with Ashay Abbhi

A research analyst in the field of energy studies, a Sufi music lover and a frequent dabbler in the field of prose and poetry, Ashay Abbhi, is out with his latest book, The Inevitable

He invokes imagination in the reader right from page one. The interviewer thought of delving into Ashay's life, with books and beyond it.

The interviewer has tried to get the opinion of the author who has written op-ed articles for international outlets on wide-ranging issues, with respect to the publishing scenario in India, the extent of sales being impacted because of the cover-page of a book and the like.

Watch this space for tidbits from a candid chat with Ashay, the author and Ashay, the individual. :)

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The Inevitable 
- Divya Nambiar

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