Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hold Still Please (Book Review)

Hold Still PleaseHold Still Please by Tina Huerta
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a compilation of poems written by Tina Huerta over time and the aesthetic and subliminal use of pictures make the poems more endearing and sensuous. But considering the Indian sensibilities and set-up, I wonder how many would be comfortable enough to turn over the pages in public.

But it does make for a good read. However, I would have appreciated it more if the layout in some poems had been a bit more easy on the eyes. For example, Soul Twin and Ethereal Rein could have done with a better font setting. But nevertheless, the poems makes up for their placements!

The poems do touch a romantic chord somewhere. Certain emotions expressed through certain words may not be comprehended as per the author's wish but isn't that the beauty of a poem, after all? To be left to be interpreted as per the reader's understanding, rather than pressing to find out what 'exactly' the poet meant when she wrote that particular line?

That said, I will gladly preserve the autographed copy of Hold Still Please that I received from Tina, thanks to Goodreads.

- Divya Nambiar
Author: Tina Huerta
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