Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Six Stories and An Essay (Book Review)

Six Stories and An Essay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Never before has an abruption felt so perfect, so needful. The best part about this book is her lucid and honest writing that leaves you wanting more and yet leaves you with a strange sense of calm and a sense of revolt at the same time. It is a lethal combination but probably the only sensible thing for us as humans. For how else can one justify the anger of being subjected to racism and yet being happy with 'one's own'?

The book provides an interesting, thought-provoking and firsthand account of someone subjected to racism and the trials and tribulations that need to be overcome in order to 'try and fit-in' in a place that one always considered 'home'.

Brutally honest and immensely touching, it is a must read for all those who have always thought that racism is not a very draining issue and that it happens to 'others'. It is also an important read for a generation that knows only about a history that is seemingly skewed, with important events conveniently hidden away or in other words, torn off from the pages of history forever, according to the author. By that, I definitely do not mean that History-haters would not enjoy it because her way of writing has a power that holds the reader by the collar and without force, we end up getting drawn into the plot.

It is disturbing but at the same time teaches you what its like to walk with confidence on your face even when others are busy shunning you on the basis of the very skin that protects your face!

- Divya Nambiar

Author: Andrea Levy
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