Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A boost for aspiring writers?

All those who crave to write but do not know where the "inspiration" or the "words" come from, probably this is your chance to get a hang of it.

A creative writing course by Preeti Shenoy, bestselling author, keynote speaker and artist -- here is more from the author's own blog. Click here.

She was “just a mother of two” (her blog’s name) when she started her blog in 2006 shortly after losing her dad all of a sudden. And in 2008 came her first book. There has been no looking back since then for PREETI SHENOY. https://critiquedontcriticize.blogspot.in/2018/01/giving-youngsters-their-time-under-sun.htmlShe features among the top five bestselling authors in India and finds a place on the Forbes list of the most influential celebrities in the country.
Here, she opens up about her latest book, growing as an author, bridging the generation gap and of course about blogging to me. Down to earth, pleasant and downright honest, here’s Preeti at her candid best. We share the tidbits of the interview here:

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